Awards & Prizes

Armitage-Jameson Prize
The Armitage-Jameson Prize, first given in 2010, is awarded to the most outstanding monograph or edited volume published in western women’s and gender history. The Prize is named in honor of Dr. Susan Armitage and Dr. Elizabeth Jameson for their pioneering work in the field of western women’s history. Deadline for the 2020 Award Submission: May 15, 2020.

Irene Ledesma Prize
The Irene Ledesma Prize is a cash award of $1000 for graduate student research in gender and western women’s history. The Irene Ledesma Prize is named in honor of Dr. Ledesma’s important contributions to the fields of Chicana and working-class history. Deadline for the 2020 Prize Submission: Late Spring, 2020.

Jensen-Miller Award
The Western History Association offers the Jensen-Miller Award for the best article in the field of women and gender in the North American West. No time period restrictions apply. Essays are judged annually on their significance to the field, their contributions to knowledge, and their literary quality. This award was initially distributed by the Coalition for Western Women’s History from 1990-2008. The WHA began administering the award in 2009. Deadline for the 2020 Award Submission: May 15, 2020