Past Recipients, Awarded by the Western History Association, 2009-Present

2020: Jordan Biro Walters, “‘So Let Me Paint’: Navajo Artist R.C. Gorman and the Artistic, Native, and Queer Subcultures of San Francisco, California,” Pacific Historical Review (Summer 2019)

2019: Natalia Molina, “Deportable Citizens: The Decoupling of Race and Citizenship In the Construction of the ‘Anchor Baby,’” in Deportation in the Americas: Histories of Exclusion and Resistance, Kenyon Zimmer and Cristina Salinas, eds. (Texas A&M Press, 2018)

2018: Beth Lew-Williams for “‘Chinamen’ and ‘Delinquent Girls’: Intimacy, Exclusion and a Search for California’s Color Line,” Journal of American History (December 2017)

2017: Katrina Jagodinsky for “A Tale of Two Sisters: Family Histories from the Strait Salish Borderlands,” Western Historical Quarterly (Summer 2016)

2016: Katherine Ellinghaus, “‘A Little Home for Myself and Child’: The Women of the Quapaw Agency and the Policy of Competency,” Pacific Historical Review (August 2015)

2015: Verity McInnis, “Indirect Agents of Empire: Army Officers’ Wives in British India and the American West, 1830-1875,” Pacific Historical Review (August 2014)

2014: Sarah M.S. Pearsall, “Having Many Wives in Two American Rebellions,” American Historical Review (October 2013). 

2013: Grace Peña Delgado, “Border Control and Sexual Policing: White Slavery and Prostitution along the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1903-1910,” Western Historical Quarterly (Summer 2012).

2012: Hilary A. Hallet, “Based on a True Story: New Western Women and the Birth of Hollywood,” Pacific Historical Quarterly (May 2011).

2011: Jennifer Thigpen, “’You Have Been Very Thoughtful Today‘: The Significance of Gratitude and Reciprocity in Missionary-Hawaiian Gift Exchange,” Pacific Historical Review (November 2010).

2010: Lori A. Flores, “An Unladylike Strike Fashionably Clothed: Mexicana and Anglo Women Garment Workers Against Tex-Son, 1959–1963,” Pacific Historical Review (August 2009).

2009: Kathleen DuVal, “Indian Intermarriage and Metissage in Colonial Louisiana,” William and Mary Quarterly (April 2008).

Past Recipients: Awarded by the Coalition for Western Women’s History, 1990-2008

2008: Elizabeth R. Escobedo, “The Pachuca Panic: Sexual and Cultural Battlegrounds in World War II Los Angeles,” Western History Quarterly (Summer 2007).

2007: Sarah Carter, “Britishness, Foreignness, Women, and Land in Western Canada, 1880s-1920s,” Humanities Research: The Journal of the Humanities Research Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University (2006).

2006: Dee Garceau-Hagen, “Finding Mary Fields: Race, Gender and the Construction of Memory,” in Portraits of Women in the American West (Routledge, 2005).

2005: Adele Perry, “The Autocracy of Love and the Legitimacy of Empire: Intimacy, Power, and Scandal in Nineteenth-Century Metlakahtlah,” Gender and History (August 2004).

2004: Ann R. Gabbert, “Prostitution and Moral Reform in the Borderlands: El Paso, 1890-1920,” Journal of the History of Sexuality (October 2003).

2003: Margaret D. Jacobs, “The Eastmans and the Luhans: Interracial Marriage between White Women and Native American Men, 1875-1935,” Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies (2002) .

2002: Laura Jane Moore, “Elle Meets the President: Weaving Navajo Culture and Commerce in the Southwestern Tourist Industry.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies (2001).

2001: Lynn M. Hudson, “‘Strong Animal Passion’ in the Gilded Age: Race, Sex, and a Senator on Trial,” Journal of the History of Sexuality (January/April 2000).

2000: Mary Ann Irwin, “‘Going About and Doing Good’: The Politics of Benevolence, Welfare, and Gender in San Francisco, 1850-1880,” Pacific Historical Review (August 1999).

1999: Jean Barman, “Taming Aboriginal Sexuality: Gender, Power, and Race in British Columbia, 1850-1900,” British Columbia Studies (Autumn/Winter 1997/1998).

1998: Catherine A. Cavanaugh, “‘No Place for a Woman’: Engendering Western Canadian Settlement,” Western Historical Quarterly (Winter 1997).

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1995: Amy Kaminsky, “Gender, Race, Raza,” Feminist Studies (1994).

1994: Susan Lee Johnson, “‘A Memory Sweet to Soldiers’: The Significance of Gender in the History of the ‘American West,’” Western Historical Quarterly (November 1993).

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1991: Carol Cornwall Madsen, “‘At Their Peril’: Utah Law and the Case of Plural Wives, 1850-1900,” Western Historical Quarterly (November 1990).