The Coalition is organized through a Steering Committee, which is coordinated by the Steering Committee Chair. The Officers of the CWWH include the Steering Committee Chair, Recorder, and Treasurer. There are many opportunities to serve on a CWWH committee. If you are interested in participating, please contact the CWWH Recorder for more information.

Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees include: Membership, Exhibit Booth, Prizes/Awards, Writer’s Group, Professional Development & Mentoring Committee, Strategic Planning & Fundraising, Website and Media, Branded Session, and the Roundtable. Learn more about some of our key initiatives.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee, Ex Officio Members

  • Linda English, University of Texas-Pan American (Former SC Chair, 2017)
  • Rebekah Crowe, Wayland Baptist University (Treasurer)
  • Michelle Martin, University of New Mexico (Recorder)

Standing Committees

  • Erika Pérez, University of Arizona (2021)
  • Jennifer Holland, University of Oklahoma (2022)

  • Elise Boxer, University of South Dakota (2022)
  • Melissa Stuckey, Elizabeth City State University (2023)

  • Cynthia Prescott, University of North Dakota (Chair)
  • Melody Miyamoto Walters, Collin College
  • Sasha Coles, Graduate Student, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Linda English, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
  • Katherine Massoth, University of New Mexico
  • Abigail Markwyn, Carroll University

  • Molly Rozum (Chair), University of South Dakota
  • Renée M. Laegreid, University of Wyoming
  • Beth Hessell, Executive Director, Athenaeum of Philadelphia
  • Katherine Skrabanek, Texas A&M University–San Antonio
  • Monica Rico, Lawrence University

  • Katherine Massouth, University of New Mexico

  • Jennifer Macias, University of Utah

  • Jeanette Estruth, Bard College (co-chair)
  • Erika Perez, University of Arizona (co-chair)
  • Sarah Eppler Janda, Cameron University
  • Susan Johnson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Amy Scott, Bradley University