Steering Committee


The Coalition for Western Women’s History is organized through a Steering Committee, which is coordinated by the Steering Committee Chair. The Officers of the CWWH include the Steering Committee Chair, Recorder, and Treasurer. 

Steering Committee (2020-2021):




Cathleen D. Cahill, (Chair, 2020) Penn State University


Brianna Theobold (2021) University of Rochester




Tyla Betke (Graduate Student Representative, 2023),
Carleton University

Holly Guise

Holly Guise (2023), University of New Mexico

Rebecca Wingo
Rebecca Wingo (2023), University of Cincinnati


(ex officio)
Linda English, University of Texas-Pan American (Former SC Chair, 2017)
Lynne Getz, Appalachian State University (Treasurer)
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto, Montana State University (Recorder)

**The Steering Committee will elect one new member in October 2021.