Branded Session for WHA


Each year, the Coalition for Western Women’s History announces a “Call for Sessions” to be considered as the “CWWH Branded Session” on the annual conference program for the Western History Association. The Branded Session Committee designs a session that exhibits the work of new trends in women and gender studies in the North American West for the purposes of enhancing teaching, research, and/or the historical profession. In the past, the Branded Session promoted a “Call for Submissions” as a competitive call for the creation of more sessions devoted to western women and gender history.

In 2016, a new process was established in the event that no sessions were submitted. Now the committee works together to highlight the following to ensure that the Branded Session attempts to:

1) exhibits the work of new trends in women and gender studies in the North American West for the purposes of enhancing teaching, research, and/or the historical profession;

2) honors the scholarship of one or two individuals from the field of western women’s and gender history/studies (either senior scholars, retired scholars, or deceased scholars);

3) highlights the work of past Ledesma prize recipients;

4) co-sponsors a session with CRAW or the Graduate Student Caucus to create an intersectional session on professional development or women’s and gender scholarship

Coalition membership is not required for Branded Session participation. For inquiries, please contact the Branded Session Committee Chair.

Branded Session Committee
Katherine Massoth, University of Louisville (2019 Meeting: Las Vegas),

Patti Loughlin, University of Central Oklahoma (2020 Meeting: TBA),

Alessandra Link, SMU Clements Center (2021 Meeting: TBA)

See below for Coalition Branded Sessions from 2009-Present.

Gendering Western Scholarship: A Roundtable Highlighting the Work of Ledesma Prize Recipients (2017, San Diego, California)
Chair: Donna Schuele, CSU, Los Angeles


  • Laurie Arnold, Gonzaga University
  • Margie Brown-Coronel, CSU, Fullerton
  • Maritza De La Trinidad, UT Rio Grande Valley
  • Elizabeth Escobedo, University of Denver
  • Katherine Massoth, University of Louisville
  • Brianna Theobald, University of Rochester

Honoring the Work of Gordon Bakken (2016, St. Paul, Minnesota)
Chair/Comment: Clark Whitehorn, University of New Mexico Press
Kathleen Cairns, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo
“The Case Against Rose Bird: Politics and Gender in California Courts”

Peter Reich, Whittier Law School
“Tracking Gordon Bakken:  Sources, Methodology, and Environment”

Donna Schuele, California State University, Los Angeles
“The Pragmatic Justice: William O. Douglas, Sandra Day O’Connor, and the Formation of a Western Jurisprudence”

Sex and Sexuality in the North American West (October 23, 2015, Portland)
Chair: Mary Murphy, Montana State University
Lori Ann Lahlum (Minnesota State University, Mankato)
” ‘I would have to bear the brunt of the consequences’: Premarital Sex in Norwegian America, 1850-1920″

Dee Garceau (Rhodes College)
“Cohabitation in the Early and Mid-Twentieth Century West”

Renée M. Laegreid (University of Wyoming)
“From Cowboy’s Sweetheart to Honky-Tonk Strumpet: Sex and Sexuality in Country/Western Music”

Comment: Audience

Thinking Outside the Book (October 18, 2014, Newport Beach)
Chair & Comment: Renée M. Laegreid (University of Wyoming)
Dee Garceau (Rhoes College)
“Producing Documentary Films with Students”

Anne Hyde (Colorado College)
“Getting Gender to the Table: Student Assignments that Highlight Gender”

Paula Petrik (George Mason University)
“Riding the Digital Range: Teaching about Women in the West with Online Resources”

Coalition for Western Women’s History Session (October 11, 2013, Tucson)
Chair & Comment: Renée M. Laegreid (University of Wyoming)
Jennifer A. Vanore (University of Chicago)
“The Law, the California Nurses’ Association, and the Professionalization of Nursing in California, 1900-1950”

Charlene L. Porsild (University of New Mexico)
“Women and Epidemics in Western Perspective

Meggan Woodbury Bilotte (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
“Cash on Delivery: Midwives and Modernity in the West”

Lines of Exclusion, Crossed and Redrawn: Western Women and Professional Boundaries (October 7, 2012, Denver)
Chair: Patti Loughlin (University of Central Oklahoma)
Gretchen A. Albers (University of Calgary)
“Excluded and Central: The Experiences of Girls at the Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School”

Amy L. McKinney (Northwest College)
“Katherine Jensen and Home Economics Agents: Montana and Beyond”

Pernille Jakobsen (University of Calgary)
“The Not-So Debilitating 1950s”

Comment: Linda English (University of Texas, Pan-American)

The Legacy of Women and Gender in Public History: New Careers, Voices, and Perspectives in Western History (October 15, 2011, Oakland)
Virginia Scharff (University of New Mexico)
Janet Fireman (California History)
Mary Pavelsky (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Leslie Working (University of Nebraska-Lincoln/Center for Digital Studies in the Humanities)
Kristin Ahlberg (Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State)
Sonia Dickey (Lore of the Land, Inc. )
Dorothea Crosbie-Taylor (Oakland Museum of California)
Leisl Carr-Childers (Northern Arizona University)

*Anniversary Session: Women and the WHA at Fifty Years (October 15, 2011, Oakland)
Chair: Elaine Marie Nelson (University of Minnesota, Morris)
Janet Fireman (California History)
Sue Armitage (Emerita, Washington State University)
Bárbara O. Reyes (University of New Mexico)
Renée Laegreid (Hastings College)
Melody Miyamoto (Collin County Community College)

Teaching Gender in the American West (October 16, 2010, Lake Tahoe)
Chair: Patricia Loughlin (University of Central Oklahoma)
Fay A. Yarbrough (University of Oklahoma)
Erik M. Greenberg (Autry National Center)
Sarah Brynaert (L’Anse Creuse HIgh School Harrison Township, Michigan)
Drew Clary (Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School)
Mary Murphy (Montana State University)

Western Women’s History: Retrospective and Future Directions (October 9, 2009, Denver)
Chair: Elizabeth Jameson (University of Calgary)
Margaret Jacobs (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Susan Lee Johnson (University of Wisconsin)
Mary Murphy (Montana State University)