CWWH Mentorship Program

CWWH Mentorship Program

The Coalition for Western Women’s History (CWWH) is hosting their second annual mentorship program at the 2018 WHA conference for Coalition members who are either graduate students or junior faculty.

The Coalition for Western Women Historians supports the advancement of scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality in the North American West and promotes the documentation of those whose diverse histories are part of the North American West. It seeks to build community and networks among women and men who emphasize women, gender, and sexuality and apply gender analyses in their research about the North American West. This mentorship program is part of fulfilling the CWWH mission.

CWWH members who are graduate students or junior faculty and wish to meet one-on-one with CWWH members to discuss topics such as developing research projects, publishing one’s work (our members publish in multiple mediums), writing strategies, professionalization, or preparing for the job market– including alternative academic positions — are encouraged to participate. Participants must be attending the 2018 WHA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The program will match applicants with mentors prior to the 2018 annual meeting so that the mentor and applicant can establish contact, exchange any relevant information and materials (e.g. cvs, cover letters, etc.), and arrange a meeting time and place. Mentors commit to 30-minute meetings with mentees. Please note that the mentors will not provide writing feedback or read dissertation chapters or articles in progress.

Please direct any questions or requests for mentoring to Committee Chair Cynthia Prescott at


Please note that we may or may not ask you to meet with a mentee depending on the number of those who seek mentors and the fit. Thank you for being willing to share the knowledge of your experience with other CWWH members!