Roundtable for WHA


The Coalition for Western Women’s History organizes a “Roundtable” to appear annually on the Western History Association conference program. Held on the first day of the conference, this is more commonly referred to as the “Wednesday/Thursday Roundtable” and aims to highlight emerging scholarship and celebrate the legacy that the Coalition and its founders has made in the field of women, gender, and sexuality in the history of the North American West. See below for Wednesday (or Thursday) Roundtable Sessions from 2009-Present.


Roundtable Committee

Kevin Leonard, Middle Tennessee State University (Chair, 2019 Meeting, Las Vegas)

Donna Sinclar, Washington State University – Vancouver (2020)

Erika Pérez, Arizona State University (2021)


“Reading Against the Grain: Doing Western LGBTQ History” (Wednesday November 1, 2:30-4:00, 2017 Room: Las Palmas, San Diego, California)

Chair: Kevin Allen Leonard, Western Washington University
Peter Boag, Washington State University
Susan Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amy Schindler, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Amy Sueyoshi, San Francisco State University

“Going Public/ Going Collaborative” (Thursday, October 20, 2016, St. Paul, Minnesota)
Moderator: Karen Leong, Arizona State University
Cherstin M. Lyon, California State University, San Bernardino
“This Place Matters”: Connecting Students to Community through Oral History and Digital Humanities Projects

Lydia R. Otero, University of Arizona
“Borderland Theater and Barrio Stories”

Alexandra Minna Stern, University of Michigan
“Archiving and Performing the Past: Patterns and Stories of Eugenic Sterilization in 20th Century California”

Gwen N. Westerman (Dakota), Minnesota State University, Mankato
“Public Exhibitions: Pipestone National Monument”


New Directions: Women, Gender, and the Making of Borders (October 21, 2015, Portland)
Chair: Adele Perry, University of Manitoba
Krista Barclay, University of Manitoba
Carol Archer, University of Calgary
Carla Mendiola, Southern Methodist University
Yuridia Ramirez, Duke University
Katrina Jagodinsky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Women Crossing Borders (October 15, 2014, Newport Beach)
Chair & Comment: Catherine J. Lavender (The College of Staten Island, CUNY)
Michael J. Lansing (Augsburg College)
“The Women Are Voluntarily Organizing Themselves”: Gender and Grassroots Democracy in the Nonpartisan League”

John McKiernana-Gonzáles (University of Texas-Austin)
“soy illegal y tengo derechos”: Gender, Women, and the Making of National Matters in Texas”

Nicholas G. Rosenthal (Loyola Marymount University)
“Moving Towards Mainstream: American Indian Women Crossing Reservation Borders”


From Sun Valley to Tucson: Three Decades of Growth in Western Women’s History (October 9, 2013, Tucson)
Chair: Sandra Schackel (Boise State University)
Joan M. Jensen (Emerita, New Mexico State University)
Kathleen Underwood (Grand Valley State University)
Paula Petrik (George Mason University)
Susan Armitage (Emerita, Washington State University)
Elizabeth Jameson (University of Calgary)
Elliott West (University of Arkansas)
Mary Murphy (Montana State University)


Re-Dressing America’s Frontier Past by Peter Boag: A Critique (October 4, 2012, Denver)
Chair: Gordon M. Bakken (California State University, Fullerton)
Sarah Carter (University of Alberta)
Philip J. Deloria (University of Michigan)
Colin R. Johnson (Indiana University)
Susan Lee Johnson (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Karen J. Leong (Arizona State University)
Comment: Peter Boag, Washington State University


Woman Suffrage: What Difference Did It Make? (October 13, 2011, Oakland)
Chairs: Robert W. Cherny (San Francisco State University)
Mary Ann Irwin (California Community College System)
Ann Marie Wilson (Harvard University)
Janice Lynn Dilg (Portland State University)
Sue Englander (City College of San Francisco)
Jarrod Harrison (Carlmont High School)
Teresa Hurley (Morrison & Foerster, San Francisco)
Sandra L. Henderson (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Michelle Kleehammer (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Rebecca Mead (Northern Michigan University)


Mary Rothschild’s Salon (October 13, 2010, Lake Tahoe)
Chairs: Pam Hronek (Arkansas State University)
John R. Wunder (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Virginia Scharff (University of New Mexico)
Georganne Scheiner (Arizona State University)
Karen Anderson (University of Arizona)
Comment: Mary Rothschild (Arizona State University)


Gender, Region, and Culture: New Voices and Directions (October 7, 2009, Denver)
Chair: Lynne Getz (Appalachian State University)
Dee Garceau-Hagen (Rhodes College)
Lori Ann Lahlum (Minnesota State University, Mankato)
Lillian Marrujo-Duck (City College of San Francisco)
Maritza De La Trinidad (West Texas A&M University)
Comment: Susan Gray (Arizona State University)